// GTFO my Holidays!!//

Okay to start, this is -not- an anti Church post, or anti religion, I have lots of friends in many different religions and I love and respect them anyway, and am very respectful of their choices as they are of mine.

My first point, and I want to make this very clear, yes I am a Pagan. However PAGAN IS NOT A RELIGION. It is a section of religions not recognized by the Catholic church. That’s right if you practice anything that is not: Catholicism, Christianity, Islamic, or Judaism, you are considered a Pagan. To be more specific I am -not- a Neo-Pagan either, my beliefs are very strongly tied to Celtic lore, thus I consider myself to be a Wiccan and have identified with this from a young age (so screw y’all it isn’t just a ‘fad’ religion).

Now, my second point, and the original intention of this wall of text, is the fact that I keep seeing ads on TTC buses advertising JESUSWEEN. The hell? After all this time NOW they decide to try and make the 31st of October a holiday about them? (I won’t get into it but here’s the link to their facebook page, their idea of a ‘Godly’ alternative to the day). That day to me is my New Year, Samhain is one of our most important Sabbats and is the Harvest End Feast. Even if I wasn’t Wiccan the fact that they are trying to ruin Halloween for many children, its not about worshiping demons, it’s about FREE CANDY (and getting it from strangers but…what do our parents know right?).

I’m down with other religious holidays, but this just irks me for so many reasons that won’t fit into this post.